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Kilmarnock Scotland gets its name from St. Memoc or Marnock. St. Mernoc first founded a church in Scotland and many settled the town of Kilmarnock, due to their love for the saint. Kil is also Celtic derived and stands for where the beloved saint now rests in peace. Many famous people have had connections one way or another with the area of Kilmarnock Scotland. Authors, painters, writers and many master craftsman, have all taken refuge in Kilmarnock over the past years.

The history of Kilmarnock Scotland, is one steeped rich in history. It is a gorgeous place, with restful and peaceful areas of beautiful scenery. It is home to a railway tram and was one of the earliest known anywhere in the world. Kilmarnock is also home to the well known popular Johnnie Walker Scotch whiskey. The company of Johnnie Walker Scotch has been around a very long time but have made plans to close its doors by the year 2011.

It is also home to the famous and well known historical buildings like, King Street Church and the Town Hall, all which is being rebuilt. Kilmarnock Scotland houses a beautiful 30-acre park, known as Kay Park. This park was given as a gift by a woman named Alexander Kay. It was first opened to the public in 1979 and the Burns Monument can be found located in it.

Kilmarnock Scotland has always been a town with transportation on its mind and the tram lines and power lines put into place are there to prove it. The idea was tossed around to extend the trek of the tram system but with rising costs, the plan never got approval. The town of Kilmarnock also is known for Dean Castle. The castle is home to an impressive armour and weapon exhibit and various musical instruments known as the Van Raalte collection.

The Sandbed Street Bridge is the oldest known surviving bridge in the area. The diversity of the area of Kilmarnock, has contributed to its rich historical past and draws visitors world wide. Kilmarnock is the very essence of Scotland. The town beckons for many to come explore and learn about its rich historical past.


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